Adventure 1: Weymouth & Portland

Saturday, April 28, 2001

The sun was shining for their first adventure. It was a day out to Weymouth from Bournemouth, to visit Mark’s folks. The first stop was Portland [An island of rock with multiple prisons and quarries]. They headed to the exposed Southerly tip of the island where they had a fish and chip lunch.
After the lunch Mark’s Dad Bill gave the Devon 21 a look over for potential problem spots. Mark, his Mum, Dad, sister, Dave and Poppy the Yorkshire Terrier piled into the bus for scoot around the island.

The last port of call was at Mark’s Grandparents’ to give the Devon 21 a hoover out and collect some crockery.

The van passed its first test with flying colours and gave Dave and Mark a taste for a proper adventure soon.

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