Adventure 3: Breakdown to Mardis Gras

Friday, September 7, 2001

The Devon 21 was going well after an early start on a day with pure blue skies. The temperature crept up as the sun got higher. We were excited about the prospect of getting to London in time for the parade which we had missed two years previously. However it was not to be.

Just beyond Winchester Services the engine blew up! We waited for a couple of hours to be towed back to Bournemouth. Our day was ruined. But then we had a cunning plan. We decided to try and go again. So after a qucik snack we headed off in Mark’s BMW. We booked a hotel room online and made it up to london for about 3pm. We ha plenty of time to look around at all the events in Finbury Park.

Our dissapointment with the van grew when we discovered the engine needed to be replaced! But now he has a nice new reconditioned engine and runs like a dream.

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