Pre-Summer Service

Sunday, June 15, 2003

We are preparing the Devon 21 for our departure to Cornwall in less than two weeks. We’ve got a bike rack and the front wheels are finally being painted after we bought a trolley jack. Jack is on holiday so the van will be serviced next week by Terry’s Beetle Services in west London. To keep you entertained for now, here are a couple of websites about VW adventures.

The first is a trip happening as I write. Michel and Elles are driving 35000 km from Amsterdam to Beijing in their ’76 Devon and updating their website as they go. They are curently in Turkey and will be heading for Iran, Pakistan, India and then accross the width of China to Beijing. It’s quite an epic journey.

The second site is The VW Camper Van Experience (link now gone) where you can sponser the renovation of Brad’s ’74 Westy and get your name somewhere on the finished van! It’s an innovative way of covering rennovation costs. $2 gets you on his pop-top and $15 on the rear. Brad’s a student of Aerospace Engineering, so I’m sure an air cooled VW engine is a piece of cake to him.

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