Devon 21 Guide To…
Cocktails In A Camper

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Cooking meals on the two hobs and weak grill of your camper is an art, but this month we go one step further and present the Devon 21 Guide To… Cocktails In A Camper!

Cocktails VW Style

It might not be everyones idea of what travelling in a camper is all about, but for us the ability to have the camping outdoors experience with some home luxries aswell, is one of the main pleasures of owning a campervan. One such luxury we had, until recently, not imagined we could have when we camped, was cocktails.
Brightly coloured, fun and potent, cocktails are decadent in the extreme. They provide a great contrast with what camping is stereotyped to be about and are in the tradition of over-the-top Great British picnics (“But Darling we forgot the kitchen sink!”).

What You’ll Need

+Shaker – Solid with a strainer lid
+Jigger – To measure single and double shots. A shot glass would do the job.
+Spirits – Most drinks can be made with a combination of basic spirits.

+Fruit Juices – Some cocktails require Orange, Cranberry, Grapefruit or Pineapple juice
+Ice – This is esstential and difficult to find in most campfields!

Making cocktails requires a few gadgets [See the box inset below]. Once you’ve got a shaker and such, the main challenge for those wishing to do it in a camper, is the ice needed to shake and serve them with. There are a copule of possible solutions.

(1) You could spend £219.99 pounds on a 12v/gas freezer

(2) Find a pub or bar near your site and ask them for a glass of ice cubes.

(3) Take some of those ice-cube making plastic bags. They can be filled on-site and frozen in the site’s freezer (Many sites have them for freezer packs).

(4) If camping during winter months you could simply collect icicles from the door mirrors and guttering! Sometimes if you’re desperate for a Cosmopolitan these things have to be done…


Some classic and not so classic cocktails to try…

+ Cosmopolitan – Pink and strong and so chic that it hurts (or at least your head will, the morning after a few of these). This is the simple classic version.
2 shots Vodka, 3/4 Triple Sec/Cointreau, 1and1/4 cranberry juice shaken, with lime wedge squeezed into the glass.

+ Sea Breeze – Fruity and long. A great summer thirst quencher.
Shake together and serve over ice, 2 shots Vodka, 4 Cranberry, 2 shots of fresh Grapefruit juice.

+ Long Island Ice Tea – Strong, sweet and deliciously refreshing. This one requires a few more spirits.
1/2 a shot each of Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Triple Sec (Cointreau), 1 shot of Lime juice and 1/2 of Gomme Syrup. Finish by topping up with Cola and garnish with a lemon wheel.

And finally here’s a cocktail we think is appropriate for consumption in a VW Camper.

+ Magic Bus – We didn’t make this up! Honest.
1/2 a shot each of Tequila, Triple Sec (Cointreau), 1 shot of Orange Juice and 1 and 1/2 of Cranberry Juice. Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.

Happy Shaking!

Useful Links

Diffords’ Guide to Cocktails – A regularly updated bible of over 1400 recipes.

Kacroons World – Karen is a fellow VW camper owner who likes the odd cocktail. (Original link is gone but this goes to an archive cache of the page)

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