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Monday, September 15, 2008

This past weekend we took Friday off work and headed cross-country to Great Malvern in Worcestershire, for Vanfest 2008. You might recall our previous trip and that was a fairly different experience. The main difference this time was the mud! It took the shine off the trip for us. After Mark spent an hour polishing the van he wasn’t happy to see the heavens open up on us as we were en route. The showground was a mess when we arrived and got worse over the weekend. You can read about the full horror over on our trip report.

A few weeks ago at the August Bank Holiday drove down to Weymouth for our first trip since getting the Devon 21 back on the road. We were due at our friend Natalie’s wedding near Exeter and decided it would be a great first chance to get back to traveling with the van. The van was running perfectly and we made it up some very steep hills with no problem. It all went to plan and we especially enjoyed our over-night stop on Dartmoor. Read the story and look at the pictures here.

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