Product Review:
Miglia TV Mini Express

Monday, May 17, 2010

We’ve had it for a few years now but haven’t previously had power in the camper for us to use it.

This past weekend in Epping Forest we put the Miglia TV Mini Express through it’s paces with an attempted Saturday night live viewing of Doctor Who and Britain’s Got Talent followed by the Sunday afternoon Monaco Grand Prix. How did it perform? Read on to find out…

The reception and picture quality were excellent but the playback motion had a very slight soft stutter on BBC1. ITV1 was perfectly smooth however.

The magnetic aerial attached securely to the roof of the cab and the reception was much improved when magnetically in contact with the van as compared to free standing or mounted on the included suction cup.

There was no manual tuning required, but at first we thought we might not be able to get a clear reception for ITV. It turned out that putting the aerial in a different position on the cab roof gave us a clear signal.

The model we own has been replaced by newer versions that look essentially the same and are available on Amazon. If you own a Mac laptop and want to avoid missing your favourite show or live sport, we’d recommend the Miglia digital tv tuner. Just remember not to spend all your time glued to the TV or you probably should have just stayed at home! – Miglia TV Tuners For Apple Macs

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