Cotswolds Yurt, September 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The weekend before last we took a last minute opportunity to spend a few days at Westley Farm’s Sapperton Yurt. It’s hidden in a woodland dell across the field from a farm track.

In the cool early Autumn it was great to have a wood burning stove to keep us warm in the evening. The roll-top bath with steaming hot water in a horse trailer is a unique feature of an all round peaceful experience.

On our first full day we took a hike down through the woods and then up to Oakridge before striking out across the fields to Frampton Mansell where we stopped for an excellent lunch at The Crown Inn.

In the daytime the woods around the yurt were full of singing birds and at night owls hooted.

A couple of tips, if you stay in September when the days are shorter you might want to take a bright gas or battery lamp to read by, or more brightly illuminate the horse-box and kitchen. Also you’ll find split logs catch light more easily than whole logs, even if they small.

The farm also has two other yurts in a different area which sleep more people than the Sapperton which is for two.

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