About The Bus

This is where you can sneak a peak behind the wheel and inside the our Volkswagen bus.

Our van is a Devon 21 and was registered in 1977. It was the same Ocean Blue and White then as he is today. He is one of a limited edition of just fifty vans made to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and the maker’s 21st birthday. If you have good eyes you can read more about the background of the bus by clicking the picture below and viewing the full res picture on Flickr. This was an article a few years ago about Dave Crichton’s fully restored Devon 21.

Devon 21 Article From VW Camper and Commercial

The engine is a 1600cc reconditioned one that was added when the previous one exploded in July 2001. The conversion was by Devon and is quite minimal. The units are low and one seat in the back can be removed to create a loadbay area. There are a couple of advantages to this. Firstly when in camping mode the interior is very light and then it doubles as a practical load carrying van.

In Feburary 2003 the Bus proved his practicality, when over the course of a week it moved the contents of our flat across London to our new place.

Starting in August 2007 the bodywork underwent a major restoration. It took 12 months and was finished in August 2008 with a quick re-spray. In May 2010 the engine was removed to fix the leaky fuel tank. Jack’s Garage took the opportunity to fully rebuild the engine and paint out the engine bay. It’s never looked so good.

Rebuilt engine and painted engine bay. Made with the AutoStitch iPhone app.

The best use of the Bus is for travelling and exploring. In the accounts of our adventuresyou will see pictures of the Devon21’s interior in use. The cooker can swing outside and is a double hob and grill. Just enough to prepare a hearty meal. Then inside of the bus can switch to a four person full dining mode. After a tasty supper by candle and dusk light, the back seat folds down as a so-called rock’n’roll bed.

Below is a video introduction to the Devon21 out on the road exploring the English countryside.

VW 1977 ‘Devon 21’ from Devon 21 on Vimeo.
Using Apple touch? This YouTube stream is for you!

Details Of The Conversion

Here’s the original manual for the 1975-78 elevating roof that the Devon21 has.

The cooker and sink manual for our bus.

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